When data is represented graphically we must know how to read and interpret the data. 

Data may be represented with pictographs, bar graphs, histograms, line graphs, double line graphs, double bar graphs or circle graphs.

For this lesson we will take a look at a double bar graphs and examples of some questions that might be asked.

  • What is being compared in this graph?
    Five groups predicted how many m&m's were in a bag then actually counted them.  This graph compared the prediction of each group to the actual count.

  • What is the mean, median, mode and range of both sets of data?
                         Prediction          Actual               
    Mean -              37.4                  50
    Median -           37                     50
    Mode -              no mode           52
    Range -             25                     5

  • What was the highest prediction and which group made that prediction?
    50 m&m's, Group 3

  • What was the lowest actual count and which group had that count?
    47 m&m's, Group 2


Let's do some practice problems.


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