Decimal Operations

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Now that you have had lessons and practices for all decimal operations, let's practice using them!  Let' start with some  problems to see if you can identify which operation to use.  Click on the button next to the operation you think you would use to solve the problem.


1. David bought five quarts of strawberries.  If each quart cost $2.90, what was the total cost? 

addition    subtraction      multiplication    division


2. Betty  spent $31.50 buying her class ice cream cones.  If her class size is 21, how much did she spend on each student?

subtraction division  multiplication   addition


3. Adrian is training for a 5K race. The following chart shows the distances that she ran every day. 
Monday 2.1 miles
Tuesday 3.6 miles
Wednesday 5.5 miles
Thursday 4.4
Friday 6.6 miles

How can she find how many miles she has run after 5 days?

add    subtract  multiply   divide


4. If Jane gave the clerk a $20 bill, and the total owed was $18.90, what change would she receive?

division    multiplication      addition    subtraction

Notice how many word problems have to do with money?  Because our money system is built on Base 10,  you usually have to use decimals (Base 10) when working with  money! Now, are you ready to solve word problems using all four operations? Solve each problem on another sheet of paper or use mental math, and then check to see if you are correct!


1.) Eight friends are sharing the cost of a lottery ticket.  The ticket cost $10.  How much money must each person contribute?

2.)  Susan has a checking account with a starting balance of $52.19.  One day she made a deposit of $9.98 and wrote a check for (withdrawal) $11.15.  What was her balance?

3.) Mary is ordering from a catalog.  The blouse she wants costs $22 and the dog leash costs $8.95.  In order to get it sent to her house, she must pay shipping and handling charges of $5.95.  What is the TOTAL COST?

4.) Peggy wants to buy five CDs at the store.  If three of them each cost $15.95 and the other two each cost $19.98, what is the TOTAL  COST?


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