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Graph Image A line graph is a graph that connects points to show how data changes over time.


How can you use a line graph?

You can use a line graph to show how data changes over time.

  • Each point represents an item of data.
  • The height of the point represents the value of the data.
  • The time is shown by how far to the right the point is.

Line Graph Example

Advantage Banner

1. It is easy to read.

2. A broken scale can be used when the data
    starts at a large number. 
3. They show specific values of data,     
    so if you are given one variable
    the other can easily be determined.
4. They show patterns in data clearly,
    meaning that they visibly show how one 
    variable is affected by the other as it
    increases or decreases.
5. They enable the viewer to make
predictions about the results of data.


Disadvantage Banner

1. It can only be used to show data over    

2. You can change the way the data of a line
    graph appears, by
not using consistent
    scales on the axis.


Worm Image Remember:
A line graph has both advantages and disadvantages when using them.

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