Percent Application:
Finding a Commission Quiz
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Lauren gets a 12% commission for every piece of jewelry she sells. How much will she earn if she sells a $3,200 bracelet?

A. $384
B. $390
C. $3584
D. $3590




Shelly's mom gets a 7% commission for every house she sells. If she sells a house for $129,000 how much will she make?

A. $119,970
B. $90,300
C. $138,030
D. $9,030


If Shelly's mom raises her commission rate from 7% to 10%? How much more will she make if she sells another house for $129,000?


A. $12,900
B. $3870
C. $9030
D. $1290

Katie receives a 12.5% commission on every piece of clothing she sells. If she sells $2450 in one week, how much will she make?


A. $30.63
B. $30,625
C. $306.25
D. $2,462.50




Jonathon has a choice. He can work on commission and make 7% on every $1000 computer he sells or get a $50 bonus for each sale. Which is the better choice?

A. The $50 bonus
B. 7% commission


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