Elapsed Time

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Have you ever had to clean your room?
Did it seem like it took forever?

The actual time it took to clean your room from the time you started to the time you finished is elapsed time.

In this lesson we will learn about elapsed time.

Elapsed time is the time that passes from the start of an activity to the end of an activity. 


Your mom tells you to start  cleaning your room at 9:00.

You finally finish at 5:00.
(Your room was really messy!)

  How long did it take to clean your room?

One way to calculate elapsed time is to count forward on the clock.

 If you started at 9:00 and worked until 5:00,
 it took you 8 hours to clean your room.

Let's try another one!

Basketball practice will begin at 10:10. The team will practice for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

 What time will practice be over?

Start by counting forward using the hours.

Then add the minutes. Start at 12:10 and count by 5's to 30.
10:10 to 11:10  1 hour
11:10 to 12:10  2 hours

12:10 plus 30 minutes

Practice would end at12:40.

Let's Practice!

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