Often  when an author writes he or she has a reason for writing.

  Authors write to:

Tell a funny story (entertain).
Tell what a person or place is like in an interesting or funny way  
Teach a lesson (inform).                     
Show how to make something (inform).
Make the reader agree with the author about something
       important (
Read each passage below.  Decide if the author is trying to entertain us, inform us of facts or persuade us to do something.

Art class should be longer than all other specials.  There never seems to be enough time to get our pictures done.  If we had more time in art class everyone would do a better job on their pictures and we would learn more.  Art is very important and we should have the time we need to finish a project.

There are four different elementary schools in my town.  There are thirty teachers in each school and three hundred children.  It is for children in grades kindergarten through fifth.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved to play soccer.  He would run as fast as he could to the ball, but every time he got there and tried to kick it he would miss.  He started to think he wasn't very good at soccer, but he didn't give up.  His hard work paid off and one day he scored the winning goal for his team.

We have a new playground at our school.  It is red, yellow and green with a long tube slide.  There are five swings and two sets of monkey bars.  We had to raise a lot of money to build our new playground.


  Always remember an author has a purpose to write. It
  may be to
entertain, inform or persuade.


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