A cause is WHY something happens.     

An effect is WHAT happens. 
As you read be a detective.  Look for clue words, such as if,  then,
 because, since, and so.
Clue words can sometimes signal causes and effects.  

Can you help the Cause and Effect Detective?

Read the paragraph below and think about WHAT is happening and WHY it is happening. 

Kim woke up early Monday morning because she had so many things to do.  Before going to school she decided to make a list.   If I don't make a list I might forget everything Kim thought.  Since walking the dog is not Kim's job she put that first on her list.  She would have to take Spot for a short walk so she wouldn't be late for school. Next on the list was to pack a lunch because her class was going on a field trip to the zoo and  they wouldn't be able to eat in the cafeteria today.  The last thing on Kim's list was to take her umbrella.   Then if it rained she would stay dry and still be able to see all the animals at the zoo.  This was going to be a great day!

DIRECTIONS: Read each statement below. Think about  what the effect is (what happened?).   Do you know what the cause is (why it happened)?

Kim woke up early Monday morning.

Kim made a list of the things she needed to do.

Walking the dog was first on Kim's list.

She would take Spot for a short walk.

Kim had to pack a lunch today.

Kim had to remember her umbrella.










REMEMBER: A cause is why something happens and an
effect is what happens.

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