The recipe for a cinquain poem!

A cinquain is a poem following a recipe. 

    You must follow steps when writing a cinquain,
     just as you do when you follow a
     recipe when cooking.

When you write a cinquain it looks almost like a diamond on your paper.  Some people even call it the "diamond poem."

Let's take a look at a
cinquain poem together!



smelling, pretty

planting, budding, growing

making us feel happy inside

Let's look at the recipe for writing a
cinquain poem!

Line 1
1 word giving the title  (2 syllables)
Line 2

2 words to describe the first line
(4 syllables)
smelling, pretty

Line 3

3 action words (6 syllables)

planting, budding, growing
Line 4

4 or 5 word phrases describing the subject (8 syllables)

making us feel happy inside

Line 5

1 word that sums it up or is another word for the title (2 syllables)


Let's practice writing your own cinquain poem!

Click on the crayon below to write your own.


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