A problem is something that causes trouble for the character
in a story.

The solution is how that character solves, or fixes
 the problem.

Have you ever had a problem and had to solve it before? 

How did you solve it? 

What did you learn from the problem and the solution?

Let's look at some problems all of us may have had before
and think about the solutions.



Sue loves to eat apples, but lost
her two front teeth.    
Sue's mom said she would cut her apple in small pieces so she
could still eat it.

Austin wanted to ride his bike, but when he went to get on it there
 was a flat tire.
Austin and his dad went to the
bike shop with the flat tire and
had it repaired.
Madison was going on a field trip to the planetarium, but didn't know anything about the stars.

Madison went to the library in
school and took out some
 books on stars.

Connor needs to go to the store
for milk, but it is raining.

Connor asks if he can use his mom's umbrella to stay dry on his way to the store.


You may have had problems just like these before. 
Did you solve them the same way or did you do something different? 
NOT all problems are solved the same way.

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