Sequence is the order in which things happen in a story.

   for clue words such as BEFORE, NEXT,
LAST, FINALLY, and FIRST to tell you 
   when something happens.

Read the story below carefully.  Remember to look for the clue words as you read to help you with the order of the story.

     It was a hot summer day and Austin wanted to play in his new sprinkler.  Before he could play he had to do a few things.  First, he had to clean up all of his toys he had been playing with.  Next, he had to get his swim suit on and his towel out.  The last thing Austin had to do was to get the hose and sprinkler out.  Finally, everything was done and he was ready to play in his new sprinkler. 

Reread the paragraph above and touch each clue word that will help you with the sequence of the story.

You should have touched:                          



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