Author's Purpose
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Remember, authors have different reasons, or purposes for writing.  They can write to entertain, persuade or to inform.



To entertain:  Authors want their readers to enjoy what they read. 

Stories are written to entertain.



To inform:  Authors also write to give information about a topic.

  Nonfiction writing, recipes and directions are examples of informational writing.


To persuade: Authors want readers to do or believe something.  Speeches, advertisements and letters to the editor are examples.



  • Read the title of each book.

  • Decide what the author's purpose is.

  • Choose your answer.




How to Carve A Pumpkin


World War 2


TV Is Bad For Kids


Because of Winn Dixie


Poison Dart Frogs


Betty Crocker Cookbook


Vote for President Bush





Why YOU Should Save The Earth


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