Decoding Words
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Letter Patterns:

Consonants /j/ g, dge

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Letter "g" and "dge"

The letter g can often make the /j/ sound.  We call this the soft g sound. 




Soft g words

Directions:  Fill in the blanks using soft g words.



giant   gym   orange    Gage  stage

magic   fudge   huge   gentle   cage





Once upon a time there was a very large .  His name was .  Gage would never hurt anyone because he was a very giant.

Gage loved to play with children.  He loved to do tricks for them.  Gage would go out on the and when the curtain came up, the children cheered.  Sometimes he would even visit children at school and play with them when they were at the .

Gage had a bag of tricks.  Once he made a banana turn into an .  He let a tiger out of a .  Gage even turned ice cream into chocolate .  Gage had so much fun entertaining children and they all loved him! 



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