Test-Taking Tips for Parents

What are standards-based tests?

The New York State fourth grade Math and English Language Arts (ELA) tests are standards-based tests.  Standards-based tests are designed to determine whether a student's performance meets specific standards.
How can you minimize the "FEAR FACTOR"?

Let your child know that it is normal to be nervous about the "unknown", but the more he/she knows about the test the less nervous he/she will feel.  This Test Prep site is designed to ease your child's nervousness and replace it with confidence by changing the "unknown" to familiar and manageable tasks. 
How can students gain confidence in test-taking?

The KEYS to replacing stress with a feeling of confidence are:
  • Know what to expect
  • Know the format of the test (ELA has 3 sessions - one each day, Math has 2 sessions - one each day)
  • Learn about the different types of questions
What types of questions will be on the tests?

Session 1 has multiple choice questions.  At difficulty students should use the process of elimination to cross out incorrect responses and make a good guess.  Session 2 & 3 have short and extended responses where students should write down all work and use details to support answers.
Will there be enough time to do all that is required?

Students will have enough time if they maintain a consistent pace throughout the test.  They should not get "bogged-down" on any one question.  They can come back to a tricky question but they should make their best guess before they go on.  Encourage your child to answer every question.
What should you do on the nights and days of the test?

Be sure your child has adequate rest and a healthy breakfast.  The night before follow a normal routine and try to have an enjoyable evening (watch a movie or play games).  Send your child to school with some words of encouragement and make sure he/she is relaxed, confident and positive.








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