The shelves were piled high with boxes of every size and shape.  Each group had a different picture and different bright colors. 

    There were so many people – men and women, mothers with little children, teenagers putting more boxes on the shelves.  Some of the people were talking together as they chose the boxes and cans that they wanted.

          Jeff was having a hard time remembering which one to buy.  He knew that Tooli wouldn’t be happy if he brought home the wrong brand!   He also knew that Tooli was probably getting very hungry!  

Where was Jeff?

A.     Jeff was at school in his son’s classroom.  
B.     Jeff was at the zoo watching the animals eat their lunch.  
C.     Jeff was buying jewelry.  
  D.   Jeff was at the grocery store.  

How do you know?


     Jeff filled up a big bowl with fresh, cold water and set it on the floor.  He brought out a big comforter and put it on the floor next to the low window.  He opened a package, took out a big bone and placed it on the floor next to the comforter.  Then he opened the window so that the gentle breeze could blow into the room.              


What was Jeff doing?  

A.     He was getting ready for a camping trip.  
B.      He was cleaning out the closet.  
C.     He was getting things ready for his dog.  
  D.   He was trying to cool off the room.  

How do you know?  

Justin grabbed the leash and quickly put it around Tooli’s neck.  He stormed out the door with Tooli coming right behind. 

He said, “Hurry up, Tooli.  You’re always so slow.” Justin kept his head down and walked quickly down the road, not speaking to anyone that he saw.          


What was true about Justin?  

A.      He was very worried that someone might see him.  
B.      He was angry that he had to walk the dog.  
C.     He was feeling sick and wanted to lie down.  
  D.    He was very excited and wanted to hurry.  

How do you know?  

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