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"Lonely Friends"


          One warm, summer morning Annie Adjective awoke feeling sad and lonely. School had ended and it seemed her best friend, Nancy Noun, had forgotten all about her! Annie Adjective just didn't feel the same without Nancy Noun. They usually went everywhere together. Nancy Noun stuck to her like glue. There was an empty feeling beside her. She thought and thought about what could be done to get back together with her good friend Nancy Noun.

          On the other side of town, much to her dismay, Nancy Noun was feeling sad too. "I feel so alone," Nancy Noun cried. "I'm just not the same without my friend Annie Adjective. Annie Adjective helps to make me more interesting. Annie Adjective has a way of letting others know more about me. Why, Annie Adjective always knows how to describe me! How I miss Annie Adjective!!!"

          The next day Annie Adjective went to the park. Believe it or not, who do you think was there? You guessed it! Yes, it was Nancy Noun! When Nancy Noun and Annie Adjective spotted each other they let out shouts of glee!

"Here I am, Annie, in the dress!" exclaimed Nancy Noun.
"Why there you are, my dear friend, in the pretty, green dress," answered Annie Adjective.


"I've missed you this summer," pouted Nancy Noun.
"During this long, hot summer I've missed lonely you too," replied Annie Adjective.


"Want to go to the beach with me?" asked Nancy Noun.


"I'd love to go to the sunny, sandy beach with my good friend," answered Annie Adjective.


      From that day on Nancy Noun and Annie Adjective made a promise to always try to be together. When Nancy Noun got home she told her noun neighbors Peter Person, Penny Place, and Tommy Thing to look for her friend Annie Adjective.

"You can't go wrong hanging around with my friend Annie Adjective," Nancy Noun proudly announced. Annie Adjective can do a lot for you guys.

An adjective...

describes a noun.

tells more about a noun.

makes a noun more interesting.




Where in the story did Annie Adjective
tell more about Nancy Noun?

Here's a hint:
In this story the adjectives are colored red and the nouns they describe, or tell more about, are in blue!

Look at the chart below to
check and see how
Annie used
adjectives to describe nouns.





pretty, green


long, hot




sunny, sandy





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