Tall Tale, Fairy Tale,
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Tall Tales Websites

This site contains tall tales at varying degrees of reading levels. Many could be shared as read alouds for listening skill and note taking practice. There is a link to lesson plans, ESL, and a variety of other resources.

This is a great resource for reading a wide variety tall tales. There is a section provided with links to various activities related to the tall tales, such as webquests, writing a tall tale, compare and contrast two tall tale characters, illustrate a tall tale, and perform a tall tale. Links to websites by kids, as well as many additional links to sites that teach about tall tales.

This site presents heroes of American folklore from around the United States. Tales are animated and read to the children.

Want to create your own tall tale? This game allows children to alter a short story bit by bit to make a new one. Each section of the Tall Tale can be changed to make outrageous, tall tales!
Characters from popular tall tales are introduced, and a brief history is provided. Children can then return to the main page to answer questions about the character.

This idea is from 50 Quick and Easy Computer Activities for Kids by Tammy Worcester, published by Visions Technology. In addition to providing directions for writing a tall tale, it provides links to many sites related to this genre.
Fairy Tale Websites

Folk and Fairy Tales from around the world are provided at this site. A searchable database is provided to ease your search, or you can click to find a list of all stories with descriptions, age, and read time information.
Grimm's Fairy Tales
This is a link to over 200 fairy tales collected by brothers Grimm. The tales are for teacher use.

This is a great site to visit. Children can read and hear interactive, narrated, and animated stories. The online books link to e-learning, coloring downloads, arts, flash games, and other activities kids will love!

This is a great resource provided by Scholastic. A number of works by many authors have been compiled to create a rich resource for learning and writing in this genre, as well as myths and folktales. Children have the opportunity to publish their work online.

Chapter Book Websites

What is age level appropriate. Share these milestones with parents. Links are provided for reading, writing, listening, talking, and activities.

This site provides descriptions for some second grade books based on length, pictures, and readability level.
Second Grade Book Lists From All Over

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