Be a Detective!
Can you find the topic sentence?


The topic sentence contains the main idea of a paragraph. It tells what the rest of the sentences (details) will be about.


Look at each group of sentences.
Decide which of the sentences is the topic sentence.
Click on it to check your answer.


  The waves crashed on the shore.
Beach umbrellas blew wildly.
It was a stormy day at the beach.
People ran out of the water.



  Tim had big problems before his game.
He forgot to bring his cleats.
The bus left without him.
His ball was flat.




  She eats in the room with us.
Sometimes she brings us a treat.
She always writes nice notes on our papers.
My teacher is friendly and kind.



  He had a red nose and fiery red hair.
Bo Bo the clown looked funny.
He was dressed in a bright green costume.
His hair was bright orange.



  We have a feast with turkey and dressing.
My family has many Thanksgiving Day traditions.
My dad takes us to the parade.
Each member of the family tells what he is
    thankful for.



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