Some verbs tell about the future!




Hmmmm...what does the word "future" mean?

The word "future" means that
something is going to happen.




In other words, the action hasn't happened yet!




Use the verb "will" when you
are talking about the


Read on to see what I mean.

Tim played soccer when he was young.


This action happened in the past.

Tim plays soccer in high school.


This action is happening now.

Tim will play soccer in college.

This action will happen in the future.

Here are a few more examples:

The butterfly egg
will hatch tomorrow.


He will catch the
butterfly sooner or later!

The butterflies will land on the flowers when they are hungry.


Verbs can tell about things that
happen in the
past, present, and future.
Verbs that have "will" tell about the future.

Now say this....
"I will click on the crystal ball to practice!"
There you go...into the future!!!




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