Identifying the Author's Purpose:
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Did You Know?

Authors write for several reasons. 

Many authors write to entertain people and make them laugh.


Authors also write to persuade or convince their readers to believe in something.
Sometimes authors write to inform or teach you about something.  

When we read, it is important for us to understand "why the piece was written"

Carefully read each paragraph below and decide why the
author wrote this piece. Click on your choice below each question.



Joe had been fishing for over two hours without a single bite. Suddenly there was a nibble at the end of his fishing line.  He stood up on the boat and leaned out too far.  Just then there was a sharp yank on the line.  Joe fell overboard and landed head first into the water. Joe and his friends laughed and laughed.

 What is the author's purpose?  

entertain       persuade            inform

The  giant panda is a bearlike animal that has thick white fur with black markings on its ears, limbs, shoulders, and around its eyes. The giant panda feeds on bamboo forests at high altitudes in western China. It also eats bulbs, roots, eggs, and some small mammals. The cubs are born in late winter. The giant panda is an endangered species and is protected by the Chinese government.

 The purpose of writing this piece was to _____ .

entertain       persuade            inform

It's New!  It's Refreshing! 
It's Slurpy Soda!

This is the best soda in the world!  If you drink this soda you will jump higher, run faster and be smarter in school.
Try one today!

 Why did the author write this piece?

entertain       persuade            inform

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