What's a Bio Poem?

It is a simple form of poetry that follows a specific pattern. The words you choose should describe you as a person.  Choose words that are colorful and descriptive. Remember it should be all about YOU!

Here's the pattern!                

Your first name Natalie,
 Who is...(Descriptive words that describe you) Who is thinking, wondering, asking.
 Sibling of... Sibling of Lauren and Michael.
Who loves...(three ideas or people) Who loves reading late at night, summer picnics and hugs from her mom.
 Who fears...(three ideas )

Who fears spiders, being left alone and forgetting her homework.

 Who needs...(three ideas) Who needs to try harder in school, a puppy and a room of my own.
 Who feels...(three ideas) Who feels happy, proud, and silly.
 Who would like to see... Who would like to see a double rainbow, the Grand Canyon and whales in the ocean.
 Resident of... Resident of Oswego, New York.
  Last Name Wilder


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Let's try one on your own!
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