Show You Know!

Transitional words and phrases
can make your story easier to read and understand. Try adding words and phrases to this story. Choose the words that best complete the story. 

The Bath 

my friends and I decided to give my smelly dog, Toby, a bath in our backyard.

we collected all the things we needed.We found soap, towels and a old tub in the garage.

we went to get Toby.  He was no where to be found. We looked everywhere.

we found him hiding under the car.  We dragged him out and put him in the tub.

we put him in the tub and covered him with soap.  Toby was not happy!

Toby jumped from the tub and splashed us with soapy water.  We chased him into the kitchen. Toby shook and shook. Soapy water was every where. I don't think mom is ever going to let us wash Toby again!

Reread your story.  Does it make sense? Is it easy to read?
It's time to do one on your own.

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