Using a Dictionary can be easy if you know how.


If you know the shortcuts, you can quickly find what you need.


All words in a dictionary are listed in alphabetical order. That means all words that start with A are in the front of the book and words that start with Z are in the back of the book.


snowflake       soggy

snowflake n. a snow crystal.

snow shoe n. a frame worn for walking.

snow storm n. a heavy snowfall; blizzard.

snug gle (snug'el) v. cuddle.

sock (sok) n. 1, a covering for a foot.
2, a hard hit.

sofa (so fa) n. a long seat with arms and back.

soft ball n. a game played with a larger, softer ball; the ball used.

soft ware n. information or data used with computers.

sog gy (sog e) adj. wet.

Pronunciation Key
a cat    o cot    u up
a ape   e me    o go

Another shortcut to finding words quickly is to use the
Guide Words.
Guide Words
are words that are on the top of every page.  They help to "guide you" to the right page. The first guide word (snowflake) is the first main entry on the page. The second word (soggy) is the last main entry on the page.


Let's Review!
Directions: Read each question and choose the best answer.

How are the words in a dictionary arranged?

Where in the dictionary would you look to find a word that started with the letter B?

What do they call the two words at the top of every page?

What entry word could appear between snowstorm and soggy?

Read the sentence.  What does the underlined word mean? The new puppy snuggled on my lap.

You got out of correct.

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