Did You Know?

Characters say and do things that help you make inferences about the story

An inference is a guess about the story or characters.

Good readers look for clues.

What do you already know?


What did you learn?

Does your guess make sense?


When we read, it is important to 
read between the lines"

Carefully read each paragraph below and decide which answer is a reasonable inference. Click the best choice.



Lisa carefully examined the bug sitting on the leaf. She noticed that it had six legs and a hard shell.  Lisa had never seen a bug like this before.  She grabbed her magnifying glass and camera.

What do you think Lisa will do next?

  A. scream
B.  take a picture of the bug
C.  run away
D. scare the bug away

What do you know about Lisa?

A. She is helpful.
B.  She is afraid of bugs.
C.  She is very curious.
D.  She likes to play soccer.


Lauren looked at her watch, grabbed her books and ran  to the bus stop.  When she got to the bus stop, she realized she forgot her lunch.  Lauren ran back to the house and grabbed her lunchbox.  When Lauren got back to the bus stop, she realized she missed the bus.

What word would best
describes Lauren?


 A. playful
B.  disorganized
C.  worried
D. athletic

What do you think she will do next?

 A. go to the park
B.  read a book
C.  go home and tell her mom
watch TV


Michael took his brother Tim on his first camping trip.  Michael taught Tim how to put up a tent and showed him how to fish.  When Tim didn't want to touch the worms, Michael put the worms on his hook.  Michael helped take the fish off the line. Michael and Tim had a great time camping.

Which word does not describe Michael?

A. patient
B.  kind
C.  helpful
D.  mean

What might Michael say when Tim asks for help?


A. "Sorry, I'm busy."
B.  "Sure, I'll help you!"
C.  "Maybe later."
D.  "Not now!"


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