Show What You Know!    

Directions: Read the story and choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

Pen Pals

        Mike hoped to get another letter from his friend Danny.  Mike met Danny at a hockey tournament in Canada.  Danny promised to send Mike pictures of his friends.  It is fun to have a friend from another country.  Mike wondered what Danny did in the summer.  Did he play street hockey too?  Mike hoped to see his friend again next season.

You know the boys are about the same age because

 they met at a hockey tournament
went to the same school
are on the same team
like to play hockey

Mike probably lives in

 United States   

 What word tells you that Mike had gotten other letters from Danny?

third                like             another              send

Where do you think Mike and Danny might see each other again?

at the mall
at school      
at the next practice    
at another hockey tournament

If Mike doesn’t get a letter from Danny, he will probably feel


 What do you think Mike does in the summer?

go camping
go to summer school  
go to the beach   
play street hockey

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