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Directions: Benjamin Franklin was a very famous American.  He is known as a great writer, scientist and statesman.  Read the following paragraphs and choose the correct main idea for each paragraph.

1.Click To Preview  Benjamin Franklin loved to write.  When he was twenty-two, he set up his own printing shop and started a newspaper.  He also printed a book called Poor Richard’s Almanac.  It had funny stories, information about the weather, and wise sayings.

What is the main idea?

Benjamin Franklin loved to write stories and books.

Benjamin Franklin worked very hard when he was young. 

 Benjamin Franklin knew a lot about the weather.  

Benjamin Franklin was very poor.

2. Click To Preview Benjamin Franklin loved the city of Philadelphia.  He started the city’s first hospital and fire department.  Ben also started Philadelphia’s first public library. Benjamin Franklin worked very hard to make Philadelphia a better place to live.

What is the main idea?

 Benjamin Franklin worked hard to make his city a great 
       place to live.      

Benjamin Franklin worked for the fire department.  

Benjamin Franklin knew a lot about books.   

Benjamin Franklin went to school in Philedelphia.

3. Click To Preview Benjamin Franklin was very interested in electricity.  One day he tried a very dangerous experiment to prove that lightning was electricity.  He attached a key to a kite string and flew the kite during a thunderstorm.  When the lightning hit the kite, sparks flew from the key.  Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning was electricity.

What is the main idea?

Benjamin Franklin liked to play in the rain.

Benjamin Franklin performed an experiment that proved
lightning was electricity.

 Benjamin Franklin knew a lot about thunderstorms.   

Benjamin Franklin invented a new kind of kite.

4. Click To Preview Benjamin Franklin invented many things that made life easier in the late 1700’s.  He invented the lightning rod that saved many homes from fires.  He also invented the Franklin stove.  The stove could heat a room better than a fireplace and saved people a lot of fuel.  He also invented a special kind of glasses called bifocals.  This new kind of glasses helped people to read better.

Benjamin Franklin thought reading was important.

Benjamin Franklin was not afraid of fire.     

Benjamin Franklin was a great inventor.

A Franklin stove can heat a whole room.

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