Friendly Letter Rubric
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Salutation and Closing


Use basic writing skills to establish, maintain, and enhance personal relationships

Salutation and closing have no errors in placement, punctuation or capitalization.

Salutation and closing have few errors and are placed appropriately

Salutation and closing have 3 or more errors. One or both not correctly placed

Salutation and/or closing missing


Body of


Use an introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph to organize both written and oral presentations

Sentences and paragraphs are complete, well-written, varied sentence structure and vocabulary.

All sentences are complete and well written with no fragments or run-ons. Paragraphing is generally well done.

Most sentences are complete and well written. Paragraphs are unorganized.

Many sentence fragments or run on sentences.  No evidence of paragraphing

Uses Basic Writing Conventions

Use basic punctuation correctly
Know and correctly spell level appropriate high frequency words ELA1.E.SW2G.03.10
Use correct verb tense when writing

No errors in grammar or spelling in body of letter

2-3  errors in capitalization or punctuation in body of letter that do not interfere in meaning.

Several errors in grammar or spelling in body of letter that interfere in meaning.

Many errors in spelling and/or grammar in body of letter that make the letter illegible.


Use correct letter formation in print and cursive 

Legibly handwritten or typed with no distracting errors.

Legibly written, easy to read with 1-2 distracting errors.

Several distracting errors that make portions difficult to read.

Many distracting errors making it illegible.





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