Understanding Supporting Details: Practice
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Read each main idea and choose the correct supporting detail.  Click on the sentence you think is correct.

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Main Idea: Kangaroos usually live in family groups called mobs.

Kangaroos are mammals.     

These mobs can be as large as 100 kangaroos.

 Main Idea: Kangaroos usually have only one baby at a time

Kangaroo babies are called joeys.     

Kangaroos eat grass and leaves.  

Main Idea: Kangaroos eat grasses, leaves and roots.

The joey lives in the mother's pouch for 9 months.     

They only like grass that is green and close to the ground.   


Main Idea: Kangaroos are mostly night time creatures.

Kangaroos have a long powerful tail.        

They sleep during the day under a shady tree or bush.


Main Idea: Kangaroos are strange looking animals.

Some kangaroos act as guards to protect the mob. 

They have small front legs and huge hind legs with great big feet. 


Main Idea: Kangaroos  protect themselves in many ways.

If a kangaroo senses danger, they will bang their tail on the ground to warn the others.    

A new born joey is only the size of your thumb.



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