A timeline is a chronological (orderly) display of important events.  Timelines can be about people, places, or events and can be vertical or horizontal.

Let's practice using timelines!

Below is a vertical timeline about important events in the history of recycling and garbage management. Use the timeline to answer the questions below.

Recycling Timeline

10,000 BC Garbage becomes an issue as people first begin to establish permanent settlements.
105 AD Paper is invented in China by Ts'ai Lun.
200 The first sanitation force is created by the Romans. Teams of two men walk along the streets, pick up garbage, and throw it into a wagon.
1897 The first recycling center is established in New York City.
1912 Cellophane (clear plastic) is invented by Swiss chemist Doctor Jacques Brandenberger, which encourages the use of plastic packaging.
1944 Styrofoam is invented by Dow Chemical Co.
1948 Fresh Kills landfill is opened in Staten Island, New York. It later becomes the world's largest city dump. Fresh Kills and the Great Wall of China are the only man-made objects visible from space.
1965 The Federal government realizes that garbage has become a major problem and enacts the Solid Waste Disposable Act.  This calls for the nation to find better ways of dealing with trash.
1968 The US aluminum industry begins recycling discarded aluminum products, from beverage cans to window blinds.
1970 On April 22, the first Earth Day, introducing the concept of recycling to the general public.
1970 The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is established.
1976 The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act is passed, which requires all dumps to be replaced with "sanitary landfills." The enforcement of this act will increase the cost of landfill disposal, and that will make resource-conserving options like recycling more appealing.
1986 Rhode Island becomes the first state to pass mandatory recycling laws for aluminum and steel cans, glass, newspapers, and #1 and #2 plastic.
1990 McDonald's announces plans to stop the use of styrofoam packaging of its food due to consumer protests.
1990 On December 4, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi announced that they will begin using a recycled PET (#1 plastic) bottle made of about 25% recycled plastic resin.

Read each question and click in the button of the correct answer.

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1.  In what year was paper invented? 

 200          400 BC      1776       105 AD

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2. Where was the first mandatory recycling laws passed?

New York  Rhode Island Ohio Vermont

 "Hamburger Clip Art"

3. How many years passed between the time styrofoam was invented and McDonalds stopped using styrofoam packaging? 

96 years    50 years       42 years  46 years   

Click To Download 4. What important event occurred in 1970?
EPA established     Deposits on cans introduced
Recycling begins    
First Earth Day

Below is a horizontal timeline on the life of Benjamin Franklin. Use the timeline to answer the questions below.

Benjamin Franklin - Timeline:

Timeline of Benjamin Franklin's Life

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1.  In what year did Benjamin Franklin sign the     Declaration of Independence?

 1729    1776   1752  1782


2.  How old was Benjamin Franklin when he died?

86      94    74     84


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3. How many years passed from when Benjamin Franklin founded the first library to when he did his famous kite experiment?

211     21     31    11


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4. Where did Benjamin Franklin open a printing office?
Boston, Massachusetts New York City                  
San Francisco, California Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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