How are the characters alike?  How are the characters different?

When you are comparing and contrasting characters and events in a story, it is important to:
use adjectives when describing your character
tell what the characters are doing in the story

Read about Joe and Pam.  As you are reading...
think of adjectives to describe Joe and Pam
be able to tell some events from the story



         Joe and Pam are friends at school.  Joe eats pizza and plays tag Joe also wears a baseball hat and likes to read.  He is in boy scouts.  Pam roller-skates while wearing her new belt.  In her spare time, she loves to write.  Pam plays golf and enjoys eating subs.  Both Joe and Pam love school.  Joe and Pam are alike and different in many ways. 
Let's use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast Joe and Pam.


Great Job!

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Great job! 
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