Now that you have learned about two different characters in the same story, let's practice comparing and contrasting two different characters in two different stories.

First let's read a story about Katie.

     Katie is an eight-year-old girl who loves to be outside.  Her favorite thing to do is to sit on a brick wall in front of her house.  She has to climb a small tree in order to get to the top of the wall.  Katie does many things as she sits there; she reads books, eats snacks, and watches the cars go by.  She writes about the flowers and animals she sees and just relaxes in the sunshine.  Sometimes, Katie brings out her Diskman and listens to music.  Katie sits on that wall for hours at a time during the summer months. 

Before we read the next story, try to think of some adjectives or describing words you would use if you were asked to describe Katie.

Now let's read a story about Zachary.

     Zachary is an eight-year-old boy who never sits still!  He loves to play outside and move around all day long.  His favorite thing to do is to ride his scooter.  He rides it all around his neighborhood.  Sometimes he rides over to his friend's house for a visit and a snack.  He likes to wear his Diskman as he is riding so he can listen to music.  Zachary likes to look for worms and other insects as he is riding.  In the summer months, Zachary is on his scooter for hours at a time!

Try to think of some adjectives or describing words you would use to describe Zachary.

I am going to give you some adjectives.  Decide whether I am describing Katie, Zachary, or both. 

Good luck!

Who likes to be outside?



Who enjoys writing while he/she is outside?



Who loves to ride his/her scooter?



Which character enjoys sitting on a brick wall?



This person visits his friends as she/he is outside.



Who enjoys listening to music as he/she is outside?



Great job! 
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