Authors write for different purposes.

                     To entertain

                     To persuade

                     To inform

Sometimes the author's purpose (reason for writing) affects what
he writes. 
It's important for you to
recognize that as you read.


For example, if an author is writing to persuade, then his/her writing will contain only information that will encourage you to share his/her beliefs.


This writer believes that hunting animals is bad.  His writing contains only information to persuade you NOT to hunt.   

            Hunting, stalking, and killing of animals, has been an American tradition since early man lived here.  Today it exists as a "sport". There is no longer an excuse or reason for stalking and killing an animal in his or her habitat. However, people continue to hunt animals today and they feel they have every right to continue to do so. Animals need to be protected from this attack by humans.

This writer believes that hunting animals is good.  His writing contains only information to persuade you to hunt.

      I remember my first hunting trip with my dad.  He taught me to aim and shoot straight.  I remember how proud I was when I brought that first rabbit home and the family feasted on my "achievement". Today I continue to tramp through the fields or the woods.  It brings back such fond memories of those trips with Dad.  And I still get a feeling of satisfaction out of being able to bring something home--whether a small rabbit or a graceful deer.  Hunting brings me great joy!  I wish everyone had an opportunity to experience that feeling of accomplishment.



The author's purpose, or reason for writing, affects the content of what he/she writes.  As a reader, you need to become aware of that purpose so that you can evaluate the content of what the author is writing.

In other words--YOU CAN'T
--Think about why the author is writing as you read for information.


             Think about the author's purpose as
              you are reading for information.

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