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     When you
compare 2 things you ask yourself,
    "How are these things alike?"

     When you
contrast 2 things you ask yourself,
    "How are these things different?"
apple and pear

Some words that signal comparisons are:

both, each, like, same, also, too


 * Some words that signal contrasts are:

different, but, on the other hand, however


Let's compare and
a car and 
 a skateboard.


car skateboard
 How Alike?  How different?
  • both are forms of transportation
  • a car is large but a skateboard is small
  • they each have wheels
  • you usually sit in a car
    you stand on a skateboard
  • cars come in different colors and skateboards do also
  • many people can ride in a car, however only one person rides on a skateboard
  • a car cost money and a skateboard does too
  • a car has doors but a skateboard does not

Click on the car to compare and contrast.


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