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Authors don't always tell you everything!

      Sometimes readers must use:



      to make guesses as they read.

  This is called making an inference.


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In the following story Mandi's family
  throws a surprise birthday party for her. 
  As you read the story, look for clues .


         Mandi thought everyone had forgotten
  her birthday.  This morning at the
  breakfast table, no one had even wished
  her a "Happy Birthday!"  No one mentioned
  it all day long--not even her mother, and
  Mom never forgot anything.

         She had noticed her sisters whispering
  at lunch.  She thought that was kind of
  rude!  Her mom sent her to the store for a
  loaf of bread in the middle of the
  afternoon.  Mandi didn't know why she had
  to go.  Why couldn't her sister Sarah go? 
  Sarah was older.  And since when was bread
  such an emergency?

         She grumbled to herself all the way to
  the store and back.  It was bad enough
  everyone had forgotten her birthday, she
  also had to run everyone's errands!  As she
  dragged herself into the kitchen, she was
  startled to hear, "SURPRISE!" 

         They hadn't forgotten after all.


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Were you able to INFER that Mandi's family had planned a surprise party?

                       What were the clues?

                Mom never forgot anything!

                She had noticed her sisters 
                       whispering at lunch.

             Mom sent her to the store for 
                       a loaf of bread.

             She was startled to hear,


                 Inferences are made when you use clues in the story to guess what happens.

For practice in making inferences, click on the flower.


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