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      When you are writing a report or answering a
      question, it is important to always stay
                              ON TOPIC. 
      Include information that answers the
      question and leave out

      handWhat is Irrelevant Information? Irrelevant information are facts or statements
that do NOT answer the question
or are NOT on topic.


   If you are writing a report on how to care for a dog, which of
   these should you  
not  include because it's  irrelevant  ? 
   (It does  not tell how to care for a dog.)

                                * leave out plenty of food and water

                                * make sure it gets plenty of exercise

                                * brush or groom regularly

                                * hold a contest to pick a good name

                                * provide a sleeping area or doghouse



                             Let's look at another example.



  If you are writing a report on the building of the Erie Canal,
  which of the following should you  
not  include because it's
?  (It does  not  tell about the building of the canal.)

                         * it took 8 years to complete

                         * locks were built because of the change in

                         * the wheel barrel was invented to carry the dirt

                         * Buffalo is a city on Lake Erie

                         * immigrants worked on the canal


Remember...   when writing, leave out the irrelevant information.


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