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Choose the sentence that answers the question.


 Which sentence is in the
first-person point of view?

boy with kitten

a.  Ben walked his dog.
c.  I have a new puppy.
c.  Sandi likes to read books.
d.  The kitten was lost.

Choose the sentence that is        third-person point of view.

boy with ice cream

a.  I wish I had a million 
b.  The swimming pool is really
c.  If I had a car, I would give
             you a ride.
d.  We will go get an ice cream
             cone tonight.

Can you find the sentence that is in the third-person point of view?

boy in bed

a.  My mother told me I could
               go to the movies.
b.  My father and I played
c.  The baseball team won their
               game last night.
d.  I got up very early this

  Which sentence is in the first-person point of view?


a.  The wolf talked to Little
               Red Riding Hood.
b.  The wolf went to Grandma's
c.  The hunter helped Little
                Red Riding Hood.
d.  Do you think that I could
                borrow a pencil?

  Can you find the third-person point of view sentence?

girl with book

a.  Where can I buy that book?
b.  Molly and I have the same
c.  Humpty Dumpty fell off the
d.  I wish I had that book.

Which sentence is in the first-person?

boy on bicycle

a.  My grandmother took me to
b.  Mary got a job working at
c.  The school  is on the corner.
d.  Paul and Bob rode their
               bikes to school.

Pick the sentence written in the  

people at movies

a.  The horses were in the barn.
b.  Bob and Bill rode the horses
             in the field.
c.  The barn was painted red.
d.  May I go with you to the

Which sentence is written in the  


a.  Cinderella lost her slipper
              at the ball.
b.  Can I have some new
c.  My slippers have holes in
d.  I ate a whole watermelon

Pick the sentence in first-person.


a.  Mickie and Minnie have a
              small car.
b.  Mickie took his car for a 
c.  I want to learn to drive
              when I'm 16.
d.  Mickie's car is black.


Choose the sentence in the third-person.

man fishing

a.  I have a new fishing pole.
b.  When I went to the lake, the
               fish were biting.
c.  I caught a really big fish.
d.  Pete and his grandfather
               went fishing.

Good Job!

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