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Have you ever read a book and guessed the ending?

Have you ever watched a movie and known what would happen next?

If you did, you were making a prediction.

           How did you do it?               crystal ball
   Story clues
    +    Your experiences    =    Prediction

        You can make a prediction when you use clues from the
     story, together with what you know from your own
     experiences, to figure out what will happen next.

Look at some examples.

                   Tami loved biking.  She had biked in all
  kinds of weather.  She had been planning this
  bike trip for weeks.  Today was going to be
  great.   She woke up early and looked out the
  window.  It was raining!


     girl riding bike


Tami will go on the trip anyway.


She had biked in all kinds of weather.


When you really love to do something, you won't let a little rain stop you!

                     Mandy loved animals.  She had 2 cats,
  a dog, a parakeet, and a goldfish.  She'd been
  bringing home stray or wounded animals
  since she was 4 years old.  She would nurse an
  animal back to health and then find it a good
  home.  Today she was walking home and saw
  a puppy with a hurt paw.




Mandy will take the puppy home.


She loves animals.  She brought wounded animals home.


When something is hurt, people usually try to help.

                       Ben always had trouble getting up in
  the morning.  His mother usually had to call
  him at least twice.  He'd already been late for
  school three times this month.  Mom had
  already called him once and now headed up to
  his room and knocked on the door.  When he
  didn't respond she walked in and found him
  fast asleep!


boy sleeping


Ben will be late for school.


He had trouble waking up.  He'd been late for school 3 times.


If you don't wake up in time, you'll be late for school.

Readers just naturally make predictions as they read.

Click on the flower and try it.


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