Previewing A Book
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When you are selecting a book, there are many parts you can look at before you start to read. These parts will give you information about the book.

Parts of a Book

                     Front Cover

                     Title Page

                     Table of Contents

                     Back Cover

Front Cover

(includes the title, author, illustration)






By Wally Walker


Title Page

(includes the title, author, illustrator, publisher)




The Dogwalker's Guide


Wally Walker


Illustrated by Tom Terrific

Star Press

New York



Table of Contents

(includes the chapter titles)



      1     Getting Started

     2     Making  

     3     Be Prepared

     4     Handling

     5     Having Fun



Back Cover

* or inside flap of dust cover *

(includes a "blurb" that tells what the book is about)




Dogwalking can be a fun and exciting way to earn money and get job experience. 
This interesting book by Wally Walker gives you pointers on ways to be successful in
starting your walking career.  You're sure to enjoy
reading this book!





Previewing a book before you start
to read, can help you to select
the right book for you. 
Looking at these Parts of a Book will help you to preview.

Click on the pencils for practice.

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