In persuasive writing, a writer tries to convince you to believe as the writer does.  We see persuasive writing every day.

We see persuasive writing on TV commercials:

  "Do you want people to look your
    way when you drive by? 

    Then buy the new Venus,
     built for people
who really enjoy driving a luxury car!"



We see persuasive writing in magazine ads:

"Do you want silkier,  shinier hair?

  Then buy Sunshine Shampoo!"


We see persuasive writing in the daily newspaper:

"If you want to pay lower taxes, vote for John Smith for Governor!"


The writers of these advertisements are hoping that you will buy their product or vote for their candidate.  The writers know that people...

  like to ride in fancy cars

      want their hair to look nice

        don't want to pay high taxes


A writer will use these persuasive techniques to "win you over" or convince you to think as the writer does.

Read this article from Time For Kids.  The writer gives examples of what could happen if you don't wear a helmet.  The writer is trying to persuade you to wear a helmet.

  Helmet laws are meant to save kids from the
  head injuries caused by bike accidents. Unlike a
  bruise or a scrape, a head injury can take many
  years to heal. A serious head injury can kill you.

  Simon Crider, 11, knows how important a
  helmet can be. Two years ago, he was riding his
  bike near his house in Gainesville, Florida,
  when he hit a rock and fell. His helmet cracked
  when he hit the ground, but it protected his

Read this article from Time For Kids.  Notice that the writer wants to convince you that people should stop eating swordfish because the number of swordfish in the world is decreasing.

Americans are hooked on swordfish! But last month 27 top restaurant chefs took them off the menu.

Why? The number of swordfish is shrinking fast, and chefs want to save the tasty fish. During the 1960s, fishermen switched from using harpoons to using long lines with hundreds of hooks. Result: many more small swordfish are caught. The small fish never get a chance to grow and produce more fish.

Lisa Speer, an environmentalist, says it's time to give swordfish a break "so future generations can enjoy them."


Writers use persuasive techniques to convince you to believe as the writer does.  Look for those techniques as you read for information.

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