Persuasive Writing
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Authors use persuasive writing to convince us to believe as the author does.


   To support the persuasive writing, the author uses:
                        *  Examples
                        *  Reasons
                        *  Explanations


Let's at some examples of persuasive writing.


Amy wrote a letter to the school principal asking him
to schedule more school spirit days.

  Dear Mr. Dunning,
          I think we should have two school spirit days each month. These special days
  allow the students to show their school spirit and to help members of the
          For example, last month students were asked to wear school colors. On this
  day, each student made a contribution of $1.00 to the holiday drive. My class
  raised $20.00 which will help to buy gifts for children this Christmas.
          Here is another example. Last Friday students brought a canned good to
  school. This contribution allowed them to wear their favorite hat for the day. My
  class collected enough food to help fill a Thanksgiving basket for a family.
          If we were to have these special school spirit days more often, we would be
  able to help more people. For this reason, I think we should have school spirit days
  twice each month.

Amy was able to support her letter with examples.

Tom wrote an essay about voting.

        I believe that Americans should exercise their right to vote. One reason I

  believe this is that the constitution provides citizens with this right, and they

  should take advantage of it. Another reason is that voting gives citizens some say

  in how the country is run. A third reason is that voting allows people to

  demonstrate their patriotism. For these reasons, I believe Americans should vote

  in all elections.


Tom supported his ideas with reasons.

Bob wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper.

  Dear Editor,
           Citizens of our city should care enough to clean up the community. Litter is
  often found along the side of the road, on the sidewalks, and in the parks. If we
  want to be proud of our city, we need to keep it clean. In explanation, litter and
  trash can make a beautiful park dirty. It can attract insects and animals. This can
  make it a dangerous place for our children to play. If we want to be proud of our
  city and make it safe for our children, we need to keep it clean. Therefore, all
  citizens should work to clean up the community.
                                                                       Bob Boyce


Bob supported his ideas with an explanation.


Give examples, reasons or explanations
to support your ideas.

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