A story summary is a brief review of a story's most important ideas.

   A Story Summary Should Include:
  • Setting
  • Main Characters
  • The Problem
  • Events That Solve The Problem
  • Solution
   Read this story about Carolyn and the lost kitten.        


                Carolyn woke up early.  She sat up in her bed. Something
 wasn't right.  Then she realized what had awakened her so early. 
 There was an unfamiliar sound.  She listened closely and realized it
 was coming from outside.  She climbed out of bed and slipped into   
 her robe and slippers.  Looking out of her window she spotted a
 small kitten near the tree outside her window.  She watched it for
 a few moments, but it didn't move.  It looked so small and helpless 
 standing beside the big oak tree.  The kitten seemed to be calling
 to her.

               "I wonder where you came from," she murmured to herself. 
 Carolyn could hear her mother in the kitchen.  She walked down the
 stairs and said to her mother, "Mom, look outside.  There's a kitten
 in our yard.  I'm going outside."

                "I'll go with you," her mom replied.  Together they walked
 into the back yard.  The kitten was still there, standing by the oak
 tree.  To Carolyn the quiet meows seemed to be calling to her.  It
 seemed as though the helpless kitten was asking her to help him. 
 She picked him up and held him in her arms.  She'd always wanted
 a kitten. It was so soft and warm.  She wondered if her mother
 would let her keep him. 

               "Let's take him inside and find him something to eat," 
 Mom said.  "I'll make a few calls and see if we can see where he
 came from.  He certainly looks like he's looking for a home." 
 Carolyn smiled to herself.  Maybe she'd get to keep the kitten
 after all.




Let's look at what to include in your summary:

Setting - Early morning at Carolyn's house

Main Characters - Carolyn, Mom

Problem - Carolyn finds a lost kitten

Events  1. Carolyn tells her mother about the kitten. 

                2. She and her mother go outside to check   
                    on the  kitten. 

                3. They bring the kitten inside.

Solution - Carolyn thinks she may be able to keep the



Now...        You're ready to write your summary.

     Carolyn woke up early at home.  She hears a kitten outside.  She tells her mother about it.  She and her mother go outside to investigate.  Her mother tells her she can bring the kitten inside.  Carolyn thinks she'll be able to keep the kitten.


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