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There are 4 types of sentences.

  • Declarative      

  • Interrogative   

  • Imperative       

  • Exclamatory    

  Each kind of sentence ends with its own special punctuation mark.

Let's look at each of these sentences.


          girl with binoculars
           Type of Sentence                         Use     Punctuation Mark
       Declarative       Makes a statement          Period
        ( . )
       Interrogative       Asks a question   Question Mark  
       ( ? )
        Imperative     Gives a command or
     makes a request

        ( . )  
       Exclamatory        Expresses strong
 Exclamation Mark   
     ( ! )
                                 Here are some examples.             slate with chalk
    Declarative       Sharon and Paul found
               a lost puppy .

       We get lots of snow
             in the winter .

      May I borrow your pencil
                sharpener ?

     What time do you get up in
               the morning ?

boy in bed
     Imperative            Pick up the book .

           Clean your room .

cleaning tools
          It's a beautiful day!

        I won a million dollars!


For practice in using the correct punctuation mark, click on the flower.


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