Uppercase Letters
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Do you know the rules for
using uppercase (capital)
letters correctly?


Use a capital letter on proper nouns.

      A proper noun is the name of a particular person, place, or thing.
              Examples of proper nouns:
                   Abby, President Obama, Dr. Burke
                   Oswego, Fair Haven State Park, New York City
                   Ipod, Dell Inspiron, Ford Focus. Wii


A proper noun can contain more than one word.


Use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.

                   Several of my friends came to my birthday party.
                   The thunderstorm knocked out our power last night.
                   My mother picked me up early from school today.


The first word in each sentence is capitalized.


The word "I" is always capitalized.

                   I brought my lunch to school today.
                   My sister and I walked our dog to the park.
                   Mother, Father, and I went to Bev's for ice cream.


If "I" is the first word in the sentence, there are 2 reasons to capitalize it.


Words in a title are always capitalized.

                   My favorite book is The Witches by Roald Dahl.
                   I wrote a book report on Sarah, Plain and Tall.
                   The class recites the Pledge of Allegiance each morning.


Words like "of" or "a" are not capitalized unless they are the first word in the title.


The greeting and closing of a letter are capitalized.

                   Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
                   Dear Mrs. Delia,
                   Your friend,
                   Very truly yours,


Only the first word in the closing is capitalized.



Know the rules for using uppercase letters.

Click on the UPPERCASE LETTERS for practice.

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