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A comma is a punctuation mark that separates words within a sentence.

When reading a sentence, you should pause at a comma.

      , boy reading

               girl with binoculars

Let's look at the rules for using commas.



  • Use commas to separate 3 or more words in a series.

1.  For lunch I ate a
,  a cookie,  and

2. My favorite fruits are
, oranges,
,  and pears.

  • Use a comma in direct address.

1. Mary, you should wear
   your sneakers to  
2. Will you help me tie
   my shoe
, Mom?


  • Use a comma after
    an interjection
    at the beginning of a sentence.  (Examples of interjections are oh, yes, no, hey, wow )
1. Yes,  I'd like some
    mustard for my

2. Hey,  are you sitting at
    his table?

  • Use a comma in 
    a date.
1. I was born on 
      May 29
, 1755.

 2. The Declaration of
      Independence was
      signed on
      July 4
, 1776.  


      Declaration of Independence



  • Use a comma between a
    city and state

1. I visited Oswego
, New
   York in the summer.

2. The Boston Tea Party 
    was in Boston


     sailing ships
  • Use a comma           after the greeting of a letter.

     1.  Dear Grandma,

     2.  Dear Phillip,


  • Use a comma           after the closing   of a letter.

     1.  Your friend,

     2.  Sincerely,


letters in mailbox

Now you know the rules for using commas.

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