Verb Tense

When writing, it's important to decide if you want to tell your story in the  past
, or  future  tense.

Past - My teacher taught us
                        about the Iroquois.

Present - My teacher teaches
                           us about the Iroquois.

Future - My teacher will teach 
                         us about the Iroquois.


The firefighter drove
                      the truck.

  Present-The firefighter
                             drives the truck.

  Future-The firefighter
                          will  drive the truck.



Past - Sarah held the book.

Present - Sarah holds the

Future - Sarah will hold the


Complete the sentence with the past tense form of the verb in the blank.

   1.  Peter ______ his bike to school.

   2. Martha ______ in the park with her

   3. The leaves ______  around my yard.

   4.  My teacher ______the class a story.

   5.  The birds ______ to the nest.


Complete the sentence with the future tense form of the verb in the blank.

   1.  The painters ______ the house.

   2.  Whales and dolphins ______ in the

   3.  The flowers ______ in the garden next

   4.  Snow ______ next winter.

   5.  The students ___ their multiplication


The verb in a sentence can be in the
,  present , or  future  tense.

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