1. Phonics

2. Fluency & Motivation in Reading

3. Comprehension Strategies and Vocabulary Dev.

4. Handwriting Skills

5. Spelling Skills

6. Writing Skills & Motivation to Write

7. Listening & Speaking Skills

Fluency & Motivation in Reading
Comprehension Strategies and Vocabulary Development
  • ELA1.E.LR1D.PK.01 - Understand that it is appropriate to ask questions about meaning of information and ideas in text
  • ELA3.E.LR1D.PK.01 - Engage in pre-reading activities in order to identify what they know, want to know, and have learned (KWL process) about a specific story, theme, or topic
  • ELA3.E.LR1D.PK.02 - Engage in pre-reading activities in order to use illustrations to assist in understanding the content of a text and to anticipate what will happen next
Handwriting Skills
  • ELA1.E.LR1E.PK.02 - Distinguish between print and pictures
  • ELA1.E.LR1E.PK.03 - Distinguish own name in print
Spelling Skills
Writing Skills and Motivation to Write
  • ELA1.E.SW2A.PK.05 - Use appropriate visual aids (for example, puppets, toys, pictures) to illustrate a word or a concept when speaking to share information
 Listening and Speaking Skills
  • ELA1.E.LR1A.PK.03 - Know how to follow oral directions involving a few steps
  • ELA1.E.SW2A.PK.02 - Know how to orally report information briefly to peers and familiar adults
  • ELA1.E.SW2A.PK.03 - Know how to share observations from classroom, home or community by speaking
  • ELA1.E.SW2A.PK.04 - Respond verbally to questions and/or directions
  • ELA1.E.SW2C.PK.01 - Know how to orally retell information
  • ELA2.E.LR1A.PK.01 - Use listening skills to comprehend, interpret, and respond to imaginative texts and performances
  • ELA2.E.LR1F.PK.01 - Use listening skills with imaginative texts and performances in order to appreciate and enjoy literary works
  • ELA2.E.SW2A.PK.02 - Know how to recite short poems, nursery rhymes, and finger plays
  • ELA2.E.SW2A.PK.03 - Use speaking skills to role play characters or events from stories
  • ELA3.E.LR1A.PK.01 - Know how to listen to different opinions in circle time, group discussions, and read aloud situations
  • ELA3.E.SW2A.PK.01 - Use speaking skills to express opinions (eg: circle time, small and large group discussions, read-aloud situations, paired discussions, individual conferences with teacher, role play)
  • ELA3.E.SW2A.PK.02 - Use speaking skills to share what they know, want to know, and have learned (KWL process) about a theme or topic
  • ELA3.E.SW2A.PK.03 - Use speaking skills to express an opinion or judgment about a story, poem or finger play
  • ELA4.E.LS1A.PK.01 - Use appropriate listening skills (avoid interrupting, listen respectively and responsively, attend for an extended period of time, respond appropriately to what is heard)
  • ELA4.E.LS1B.PK.01 - Use appropriate oral communication skills (respectful responses, take turns, stay on topic, appropriate volume and expression)
  • ELA4.E.LS1B.PK.02 - Use speaking skills to share favorite anecdotes and rhymes with peers and familiar adults
  • ELA4.E.LS1C.PK.01 - Use speaking skills to participate in small or large group storytelling, singing, and finger play in order to interact with classmates and adults
  • ELA3.E.LR1B.PK.02 - Use listening skills to recognize differences in two or more versions of a familiar story, song, or finger play