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Answer each of the questions below. For each problem, estimate and then find the actual answer.


Sue went to the store to buy ten lemons. Lemons cost 2 for $0.95. About how much did she pay? Then find the actual amount.



Matt went to the grocery store to buy more lettuce for the salad. One bag of lettuce cost $2.79. He gave the cashier $5.00 to pay for the lettuce. Use estimation to help Matt know how much change he should receive. Then find the actual amount.


John won a $1,000 gift certificate to a music store. He bought all the items on the list. Estimate to the nearest hundred, how much money John has left. Then find the actual amount.

What John bought

2 guitars $275
1 stereo system $285


Amber went to the pet shop with $25 to spend. She spent $4.95 on a fish, $9.95 on a fish tank, and $5.15 on fish food. About how much does she have left? Then find the actual amount.


Nicole uses a pay phone to make a long distance call. It cost $0.09 a minute. She talks for 30 minutes. Estimate how much the call will cost. Then solve to find the actual amount.


Remember: Is your answer reasonable? Make estimates to compare to actual results.

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