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Answer the following questions dealing with fair or unfair games.

Phil plays a game with his brother and sisters to see who will walk the dog. They use a spinner like the one on the right.
Is the spinner fair or unfair?



In Betty's game, players take turns tossing  2 dimes. If 2 heads or 2 tails come up, Player 1 gets 1 point. If a head and a  tail come up, Player 2 gets a point.
Is this game fair or unfair?



John makes a spinner game in which three motorcycles move around a track. Each time a color is spun, the motorcycle of that color moves forward a space.
Is the spinner fair or unfair?



In Patty's game, two players take turns pulling a marble out of the box. Player 1 gets 1 point for each blue marble they pull and Player 2 gets 1 point for each red marble they pull.
Is the game fair or unfair?



The letters from the word "vacation" are written on separate cards and placed in a box. Tom chooses a card without looking. He scores 1 point for a vowel. Sue scores 1 point if it is a consonant.
Is the game fair or unfair?


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