Congruent Shapes
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Lesson Plan for: Geometry
:  Making Congruent Shapes
Subject Area/Grade Level: Math /Grade 3
By:  Cindy Murabito

Time Required:   3 – 60 minute classes

Core Curriculum:

Core #



   Identify congruent and similar figures (shapes)


 Instructional Strategies:

  • Possible Sentences
  • Cooperative learning
  • Carousel Brainstorming
  • Internet lesson and practice
  • Use the AutoShape feature to create congruent figures
  • Student presentations


Possible Sentences

Purpose: To activate and evaluate student knowledge of a topic.

Description: Possible Sentences takes what students know of a topic and their familiarity with the English language sentence structure to activate prior knowledge of a topic.  After new information is introduced through the use of cognitive teaching strategies, possible sentences are re-evaluated for accuracy.

1.     Generate a list of 10 words related to your lesson.  These words should represent concepts that are both familiar and unfamiliar to students.

2.     Have students create 5 possible sentences by using two words in each sentence until all words are gone.

3.   Teach your lesson on the topic.

4.   After the main instruction is over, have students go back and evaluate the accuracy of their possible sentences by placing a + (for correct), - (for incorrect), or a ? (for cannot determine) beside each sentence.

5.     For sentences marked incorrect, students should write a corrected sentence.  Sentences whose accuracy cannot be determined can be researched by utilizing outside resources.

Carousel Brainstorming

Purpose: To activate students' prior knowledge of a topic or topics through movement and conversation.

Description: While Carousel Brainstorming, students will rotate around the classroom in small groups, stopping at various stations for a designated amount of time.  While at each station, students will activate their prior knowledge of different topics or different aspects of a single topic through conversation with peers.  Ideas shared will be posted at each station for all groups to read.  Through movement and conversation, prior knowledge will be activated, providing scaffolding for new information to be learned in the proceeding lesson activity.

6.     Generate X number of questions for your topic of study and write each question on a separate piece of poster board or chart paper. (Note:  The number of questions should reflect the number of groups you intend to use during this activity.)  Post questions sheets around your classroom.

7.     Divide your students into groups of 5 or less.  For example, in a classroom of 30 students, you would divide your class into 6 groups of five that will rotate around the room during this activity.

8.     Direct each group to stand in front of a home base question station.  Give each group a colored marker for writing their ideas at the question stations.  It is advisable to use a different color for tracking each group. 

9.     Inform groups that they will have X number of minutes to brainstorm and write ideas at each question station.  Usually 2-3 minutes is sufficient.  When time is called, groups will rotate to the next station in clockwise order.  Numbering the stations will make this easy for students to track.  Group 1 would rotate to question station 2; Group 2 would rotate to question station 3 and so on.

10.     Using a stopwatch or other timer, begin the group rotation.  Continue until each group reaches their last question station.

11.     Before leaving the final question station, have each group select the top 3 ideas from their station to share with the entire class.

          Sample Carousel Brainstorming for Congruence

1.        What congruent things might you find outside?

2.          How could you make something congruent?

3.          What things are congruent in the classroom?

4.          What things are congruent in your home?


12. Have students use computers to complete the Study Zone lesson and practice on congruence. (


Assessment Worksheet

13. Have students follow written directions to create their own congruent shapes on the computer. See attached direction sheet.

14. Students will present their congruent shapes to the class using at least two vocabulary words form the Possible Sentences list.



Student Work

Scoring Guides

Student created congruent shapes and presentations. 


Key Vocabulary:












Chart paper, Markers, Computers, Assessment Sheet, Rubric


Chart paper           directions sheet

Markers                 rubric

Masking tape         computers



Student Assessment Directions

Making Congruent Shapes

 Follow the directions to create your own congruent shapes.

 1. Open a new word document.

2. Click on “View” and be sure “Drawing” is checked.

3. Click on “AutoShapes”

4. Click on “Basic shapes”

5. Choose and click on a shape

6. Press “Delete”

7. Click on the document and drag the mouse to create the size you want.

8. Right click on the shape and click on copy

9. Click on blank space on document

10. Right click and paste to make a congruent shape.

11. Click on “AutoShapes”

12. Click on “Lines”

13. Click on “Free Form”

14. Press on “Delete”

15. Click on the document and draw your own shape.

16. Right click on the shape and click copy

17. Click on the top shape and drag it next to the first one

18. Label your shapes “Congruent Shapes”

19. Present your shapes to the class. Be sure to explain how you know your shapes are congruent using at least two words from the “Possible Sentences” vocabulary words.


Rubric for Making Congruent Shapes           Name ____________________





Copy basic shape to get a congruent shape


Correctly used “Draw” on the computer to make a basic shape and copy it to make a congruent shape

Correctly used “Draw” on the computer to make a basic form shape

Did not use “Draw” correctly to make a basic shape

Draw a free form shape and make a congruent one

Used “Draw” on the computer to make a free form shape and then a congruent one

Correctly used “Draw” on the computer to make a free form shape

Did not use “Draw” correctly to make a free form shape

Presentation Vocabulary

Clearly describes congruent shapes using two or more vocabulary words

Described congruent shapes using one or two vocabulary word adequately

Student did not speak clearly or use vocabulary words to present congruent shapes

Score _____


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Created by Cindy Murabito
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