Making an Organized List
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Lesson Plan for: Making an organized list

 Subject Area/Grade Level:  3

 By:  Diane Fernaays

        Grade 3- Oswego City School District

Time Required:   2-3 days (40 minutes a day)

Core Curriculum:

Core #



Analyze problems by identifying relationship


Use trial and error to solve problems


Work in collaboration with others to solve problems


Analyze problems by observing patterns


 Instructional Strategies:


I would play the game in the hot seat and create 5 questions about how you create an organized list.

Click here to access directions.

Kids will work through problems using chart paper to make organized lists.

Click here for the student worksheet.

Students will have the opportunity to go to the Study Zone site and work on Max’s Math Adventure and try to solve the mystery.


 Assessment:  The students will have to complete a worksheet and write their answers in complete sentences. Each student will complete the web-site activity. I will use a check list for the web-site, and score each group for their participation.

Key Vocabulary:

 Problem solving

Organized list


 Materials: chart paper, markers, paper, pencil, computers stations

 Resources: Study Zone, Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley workbook, teacher made lists


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