Pictographs display data.

                           Every pictograph has a:

                                      title              labels
                                      key               pictures or symbols

Answer the questions using information displayed in the pictographs.

  The cafeteria recorded the number of
              orders on Monday.

  How many students ordered grilled  

  What had the greatest number of

  What 2 items each had 50

  What item had 75 orders?  

 Mrs. Thompson's students asked their 
 moms what their favorite flower was.
How many mothers chose daisies?   

  6 of the mothers chose...

  What flower did the most mothers
      choose as their favorite? 

  How many mothers chose lilies? 

  Mrs. Hall asked her students what kind
                 of pet they have.

    How many students have a pet  

    What kind of pet do the most
      students have? 

    What kind of pet do the fewest
       students own? 

    How many have a guinea pig?


Pictographs use pictures or symbols
to display data.

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